Worlds in a Life – Vision festival 2024, day 6. Arts For Art. At the Roulette, Brooklyn, NY. June 23, 2024 ©John Schiek
Thollem McDonas – pianos / ACVilla – live art projections

Over the years, Thollem and ACVilla have collaborated on a wide variety of unique projects and performances. Starting in 2025 they will be touring a show that expresses this abundance of their creativity together, showcasing Obstacle Illusion, Worlds In A Life, and Who Are US in live settings. Currently the duo is deep into developing their documentary series Artists Engaged (10-weekly episodes from Aug. 29th – Oct. 31st), as well as the film, Murals of Nani Chacon (Premier Jan. 2025). Next spring they will be touring in Europe and onwards from there.