A multimedia experience pairing Thollem’s solo synth performance with the films of ACVilla. It incorporates ACVilla’s unique approach, contextualizations, using digital equipment with an analog mindset. Through multiple overlaying of sonic and visual stimuli, Obstacle Illusion reveals subconscious thoughts and hidden memories. The experience is simultaneously pleasurable and intellectually stimulating. Eternity filtered through two artists at the center of a world on the edge. 

”Slyly sublime and beautifully brutal” – August March, Albuquerque Alibi

ACVilla “invites viewers to see an artistic bridge between human’s urban developments and the natural world,” while “Thollem’s talent pushed the boundaries of melody, inviting the audience to observe and think deeply throughout the uncanny and unique auditory artwork they were experiencing.” 
Lola Watts, Santa Barbara Independent

With ACVilla’s work, “there’s a continuous sense that things aren’t quite right but are still beautiful and intriguing. It’s a similar quality that I’m after with my approach with the Wavestate. We’re both interested in recontextualising sounds and images and therefore challenging our preconceptions about life and our relationship with the world.” 
Thollem in
The Wire
Obstacle Illusion ©Ken Weiss